Monday, February 6, 2017

Be My Valentine: Crochet Heart (Free Pattern)

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Here's a unique Valentine to give this February!  Of course, it makes a sweet little gift anytime of the year!

I used Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn and an H hook. (I find it rather amusing that all but one of these colors has "hot" in the name.)

Pattern Notes
This is not a tested pattern.  It also presupposes a basic knowledge of crochet.  I'd rate this as an advanced beginner pattern.

Free Crochet Heart Pattern

Round 1 (Hot Pink)
Chain 4. Join.  Start like a basic granny square: chain 2, 2 dc, chain two, three dc. chain two, three dc.chain two, three dc. chain two, three dc. Chain two, join.

Round 2 (Beach Glass)
 3 dc, ch 2, 3dc in each corner, chain one between each corner.

Round 3 (Hot Purple)
Slip stitch to join in a corner.  10 triple crochet stitches into the chain one space.  Slip stitch in corner. 10 triple crochet stitches into the chain one space.

Round 4 (Hot Blue)
Single stitch around.
Note: Chain 2 at heart point.
Note: On purple, single crochet in each stitch but chain one between each stitch.

Round 5 (Hot Orange)
Slip stitch in back loop of the blue.
Note: Chain two at the point.

Weave in your ends and enjoy!

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  1. Grear for using yarny leftovers! Thankyou for sharing this pattern!

  2. Love, love, love! Perfect without even trying. I searched the internet for a crochet heart. This is the only one I am saving the pattern to my reading list!

  3. Can I substitute a size 10 crochet thread for this project?

  4. I like the different colors that you chose. I wouldn't have thought to use orange, but it actually works very nicely.


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