Friday, February 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

ONE: It has been a super mild winter.  Yesterday when Catherine and I were walking to the dollar store we barely needed sweatshirts.  Even more exciting, we saw daffodils!  They are so bright and cheery and a sign of spring weather.  

TWO: I found a new crochet pattern website that I'm in love with, Ravelry.  I'm probably the last crocheter to stumble up this site but I've already started a couple of projects inspired by it.

THREE: I've started a couple of book reviews for some blog posts.  Unfortunately they have been sucked in the abyss of the draft folder.

FOUR: If money were no issue I would love to have giant closets.  EVERYTHING would have a special place.  Here are two amazing examples:

FIVE: A very "mom" take here... I think Pampers are the best diapers.  With coupons/sales/Amazon Mom I generally am about to get them for 15 cents or less per diaper.  (That being the most I'd like to pay.)  However, a couple of weeks ago the best deal I could find was on Huggies.  They were terrible!  They leaked like crazy and I'm pretty sure they were the culprit behind some diaper rash.  I know that different diapers work for different kids, but wow.  Oh well. We are going to start potty training in a couple of weeks. 

SIX:  This is from almost exactly a year ago.  I can't believe how big my girl has gotten!  I love the scrunched up smile!

SEVEN: I am extremely thankful that my sweet little girl has napped long enough for me to finish this post!  A couple of weeks ago I thought that the afternoon nap had gone the way of the dodo bird.  Last week they were short, but they existed.  This week they've been all over the place.  Naps are nice.  

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  1. I came here all because of that smile on the Seven Quick Takes linky list. So precious!


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