Friday, February 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

ONE: Last night Catherine fought taking a bath for quite awhile.  Then she fiercely fought leaving the tub.  So we let her play in there for about forty five minutes.  Of course we did keep adding warm water for her!  So here is a (slightly stereotypical look how cute my kid is in the tub) photo:

Check out that awesome hairdo!
And yes, she still loves her Ducky tub.

TWO: I was much better about blogging this week!  Not everything ended up in my draft folder.  I consider that an accomplishment.  Also, I participated in quite a few "link parties".  They are a great way to see other people's blogs as well as announce that mine exists.  I'd love to get my blogging to be more regular and to have a steady increase of traffic to my site.  That's what I'd like, but we'll see what happens!

THREE: I mailed my application for a Spring Craft Fair.  I think as long as there are openings I am in, but I will still be waiting nervously for their response.  I really want to participate in another craft fair and there don't seem to be a lot of spring ones around (I already have a few fall ones penciled in on my schedule).  This also means that I should focus my crafting time on items that might sell at a spring fair.  

FOUR: Lent starts up next week.  I need to get baking cookies and such out of my system before then.  I should also look up Ash Wednesday Mass times.  On that note, (growing up and a little bit now too) I always thought that Ash Wednesday should be a Holy Day of Obligation.  I guess mainly because it has "something extra"  (the receiving of ashes), but also because the beginning of Lent is a big deal.  It is by far the non-obligatory Mass that I try the hardest to attend.

FIVE: Still wishing I had a magical way to clean.  Sheez, even if I had a couple of toddler free hours every week that would help.  I guess that I could get up super early or stay up later--but somehow that just doesn't happen.  To those mommies out there with lots of kids and spotless houses, how do you do it?  I have one wonderful kid and a tiny apartment (which is part of the problem, IMHO--because there simply is no storage) and nine times (okay, 9.9 times) out of ten it is a mess.  Although, I tend to be rather OCD about some things--such as the floor.  We are a no shoes in the house family and I often scrub it on my hands and knees.  We live in a large metro area and I've seen enough bodily fluids, etc deposited on public walkways to turn me into a little bit of a germaphobe.  The living room especially is often clean enough to eat off of--which is good because it seems like that's Catherine's favorite place to store her Cheerios and raisins!

SIX: Peter and I tend to go in spurts with what game we play.  Some weeks the only game we'll play is Carcassonne, other weeks its Dominion, other times its cards.  The game that we've been playing the most lately is Family Business.  It is also nice because we have a family friend that has returned to the area--so he's been able to come over for games quite a bit.
SEVEN: I have been sorting through my coupons, there are a couple of great deals out there this week.  I am hoping to hit Safeway, CVS (I have ExtraCare Bucks burning a hole in my pocket!), and Harris Teeter (Super Doubles, baby!).  We shall see if I actually set foot in any of these stores this weekend, but I should be prepared!  Plus, it doesn't hurt to go through my massive stack of coupons.

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  1. Great blog! I am also a philosopher's wife. Too bad we can't get together and let the guys gab while we chase toddlers around.

  2. Thank you so much for participating in the blog hop.
    Wishing you all the best in your bloggy endeavors :)
    New follower! Cheers.



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