Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pot Holders, Potholders, Pot-Holders . . . You know what I mean!

(Totally random starting rambling . . . the word(s) potholder/pot-holder/potholder drives me nuts.  I can't find a definitive answer online right now.  It seems like everywhere I turn there is a different "correct" usage.  I'm going to say that since there is disagreement I am free to use whatever version I prefer!)

One of the iconic toys for little girls is a pot holder loom.  Most of us had them.  The higher quality ones where/are made of metal and then the cheaper models were/are made of plastic.  I had a red plastic loom as a child.  I remember going to Michael's to buy loops with money I won at the county fair.  I made quite a few pot holders for my Mom and Grandma.  My Mom still has some of them floating around--a little faded, perhaps.  I have a larger place-mat size one that I use regularly.  It is great for hot serving dishes on the table.
I finished this Green on Green Pot Holder
last week.  I really love the nine different
striped squares.  Two colors + Under-over
weaving = So many possibilities!

I now have a higher quality metal loom.  I love it!  The metal spokes don't bend or give the way the plastic one used to.  I've also been using Harrisville Design Loops, which are a lot better than the ones that I used as a kid.  These are 100% cotton.  They also go through a more rigid quality control process.  I remember being frustrated by the number of loops that didn't fit on the loom as a kid--I've made about a dozen pot holders and have yet to come across a loop that doesn't fit.  (Also, you have to watch out for the cheap imitation jersey loops.  Those make pot holders that are for decorative purposes only.  They offer little protection from heat.  Even worse, when exposed to extreme heat--like a cookie tray, or something from the oven--they can melt.  Yes, that's right MELT.  Not a good characteristic of a pot holder.)  Anther fabulous plus for making pot holders is that it is a project that from start to finish can be completed during Catherine's nap time.  Which is great, because lots of colorful loops and a toddler don't really mix well.

Besides using "crafting time" to make a useful product and the soothing quality that weaving has, I absolutely love coming up with patters!  It is amazing how many things you can come up with just doing a simple over and under weave.  Combining and alternating colors to make an appealing design can be a bit of a mental game.  It isn't always easy to visualize how a pattern will turn out.  Of course, it you don't like it you can always unravel it and start again.  (And yes, I have done this!)  Anyone that knows me knows that I love color--this is a great way to add color to a boring apartment kitchen.  (Or any kitchen!)

Bottom line, I love making pot holders!  I make them for me, I make them as gifts, I make them to sell.  I try to post photos of my various creations on Facebook.  (And it would totally make my day if you "liked" me!)

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  1. I had one of these too. You pot holder look really cool. I am inviting you come and be part of my blog hop:

    1. Thank you, Julie! I am checking out your blog hop right now . . . :-)

  2. I used to make these when I was younger- what memories. I love these- the colors are great!
    PS- I'm hosting a linky party if you'd like to come by and link up:

  3. I love the bright colors you use!! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  4. Thank you for linking up with Blog Stalking Thursday. I remember making these as a kid too. It brings back memories.

  5. What brand of loom do you use?

    1. Harrisville Designs! I love it. It's a nice solid metal loom.

  6. LOL I just got back into doing these, I have about a doz made for me and 2 doz packed away to give to my children as they move


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