Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. For whatever reason, I haven't posted anything new in a week!  Shame on me.  I did start a couple of posts, but they are sitting dejectedly in my draft box.  I certainly plan on eventually publishing them, it just is the "eventually" part.
  2. Catherine got a little cold this week.  Poor thing.  She seems to be on the mend now.  Sadly, being ill has wrecked her sleeping habits.  One night this week she was up at least once an hour, sometimes more.  She also skipped her (only) nap three days.  I am really hoping that as she gets better so does her sleeping.
  3. I changed my Linked In profile.  Finally.  I still had myself working as a receptionist.  Even if I have no intention of going "on the market" any time in the near future, I should still have an updated internet resume!  
  4. I think that I will make my version of Curried Carrot soup tonight.  It is based off of Rachael Ray's soup.  I will add some broccoli and celery and a little extra onion because I don't have vegetable stock--I just add water, so the extra flavors are nice.  I also don't add any cayenne pepper and only put about one and a quarter tablespoons of curry powder in it; for me that gives it plenty of kick.  Of course, Peter could go for more, but I have to be able to eat it too!  Oh, and obviously, I switch out the sour cream for mozzarella, because sour cream is yucky.  
  5.  For Christmas my wonderful hubby got me a Kindle.  It is so awesome!  I love so much about it.  I've also loved the amount of free books that are available.  Amazon has a bunch that are free; some for a limited time and some seem to always be free.  The library has proven to be an excellent source for material also. Although, they aren't incredibly consistent with their collection.  I've looked into a couple of series and they aren't complete.  I have a post in my draft section about Kindles . . . 
  6. I just finished reading "The Help" on my Kindle.  I loved it.  I think that sometime I should dedicate an entire post to it . . . 
  7. I finished three of the started craft projects I wrote about last week.  Here is a teaser picture of two of the scarves; one blue and one a multi-purple.
The lighting is really bad.  I am hoping to take better pictures this weekend--when the
sun is up and the hubby can help wrangle the toddler.  That's my hope, anyways!

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  1. a kindle ... i need to get one. soon.

    i read The Help (hardback version) and absolutely loved it AND the movie.

  2. 3. Does Peter know you might "Go On the Market" ever? I know I would be uncomfortable with my wife seeing other guys. I think.

  3. HaHa, Texas. Very funny. ;-) And for all you other readers--I will never be on THAT market again. I am very happy thank you very much. The job market though, that's another story. Certainly not in the immediate future but you just never know what's around the corner.


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