Friday, February 17, 2012

That Last Little Bit of Peanut Butter

First world Problems II - its so hard  to get that last little bit of peanut butter out of the bottom of the jar
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But seriously, why do they design jars with nooks and crannies, and even RIDGES, for peanut butter?!?!  It's one of the yummiest, stickiest, cling to the roof of your mouth (and everything it touches) substances.

Peter Pan Creamy is probably my absolute favorite peanut butter (taste-wise).  The bottom of their jar isn't too bad, but that bump around the top is impenetrable by knife.  The only good way to get that stuff out is with your fingers.  (And that's not exactly polite!)  Aldi's store brand peanut butter is my second favorite.  Their containers have ridges on the bottom.  How are you supposed to get that out?  Even succumbing to the finger method doesn't get you far with ridges.  

I'm not the only one that finds it frustrating to see a sandwhich's worth of this gooey deliciousness just beyond my grasp.  Online suggestions for getting that last bit out include various utensils (from the mundane spoon to the more specialized icing spatula), microwaving (with the warning that too long can cause the oil to separate and possibly catch on fire), to sawing the jar in half with a large knife or hacksaw.  Some people just give up entirely and let their beloved pets have at it.  (Should dogs even eat peanut butter?)

But isn't all that a little much?  This guy designed some jars that Skippy et all should check out.  They have lids on both sides, and a flat cylindrical jar.  (I don't think that a flat cylinder is geometrically possible, but you know what I'm trying to say!)  Basically, there is no place for the peanut butter to hide.  Victory will be ours!

So, all you peanut butter jar makers out there listen up!  We like your product.  We will buy more.  Even if we finish our current jars.  But we would really appreciate it if you'd stop (purposely?) frustrating us!  We know it must frustrate you too.  
These are the six pound jars available from Sam's.
Forget the ridges, can a knife even reach the bottom?

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  1. Geez! Cut the jar. It's fun. That's what I've always done if I wanted something at the bottom. On the other hand, not all Peanut Butter is designed for eating. Some of it is designed to fit decoratively into ridges! Which I support, because it is artful and decorates our grocery store shelves.

    What is a crime are salsa jars. They should all be made so you can dip chips to the very bottom.

    Meanwhile, there are fine NON-RIDGED and slightly funnel-shaped containers of SOUR CREAM crying in the refrigerated section due to your neglect. You can get a spoon to the very bottom quite easily, I would like to point out. Maybe you should just switch food items.

    Also, I'm going to rain on your parade and say that no one is going to use two-lidded jars, because they are a sanitary seal nightmare and too expensive. A little lost Peanut Butter that gets you back to the store quicker is way more cost-effective.

    1. What an interesting viewpoint, Texas.

      Okay, maybe two-lidded jars are a little out there, but I still like the creativity. And the flat sides.

      Oh, and there is no way that sour cream could ever replace Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter is awesome and sour cream is nasty. :-)

  2. I dream of a world where sour cream and peanut butter can coexist without one being thought of as superior to the other. :)

    Yeah, we have trouble with the last bit of PB too. We give the jar to our dog and I don't know how she does it, but she eventually licks it CLEAN. Her tongue must be like 12 inches long or something.

    1. Maybe they should just start mixing the two in one LIDLESS jar!


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