Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Catherine and I will be quite sad when the pool closes.  We have just over a week left.  This week has been very quiet at the pool--a couple of toddler swim times we were the only people in the pool!  

Here is another picture from the pool!  

I shared a photo on my Facebook Page of the awesome yarn I received from Fangrrl Fiber Arts.  

St. Rose of Lima's feast day was this week.  She is my confirmation saint.  The first book I read and learned all about her was this one

I am feeling completely unmotivated to get up and wash the dishes.  Someday, I WILL have a dishwasher.  (Even if it's just a cute little ponytailed girl with a bucket!)

I took a super short -- four question -- what's-your-temperament quiz earlier today.  I'm sure you've seen them: if you answered mostly A's then you're phlegmatic, etc.  Well, I honestly answered A, B, C, & D once apiece.  So what does that make me?

I added one of my beaded crochet wrap bracelets to my Etsy shop!  

PS: Do you like giveaways?  Then check out my Giveaways!

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