Friday, August 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes

ONE I love the Olympics!  My hubby and I have able to watch a little (or a lot) basically every night.  This makes me very happy.

TWO I find it interesting how watching the Olympics brings back the memories of my foray into sports.  Obviously, a big thing for me is swimming.  I swam for years, coached a couple more, and always loved it.  Still do; I've been swimming laps every weekday morning all summer.  Weird little details pull up memories.  The Omega timepads on the pool wall--just like the ones I touched all those years ago.  Heats being lined up behind the scene in cheap plastic chairs--just like I used to do in the gym.  Walking around with sweats and a cap on your head--a very normal sight poolside and something I did countless times.

THREE Yesterday I had a serious battle of wills.  With a hunk of meat.  My plan was to make some delicious pork shoulder in my crockpot.  Before putting said hunk of meat in the crockpot I needed to cut off some of the fat and "other stuff".  Sounds pretty simple, right?  Well, it wasn't.  I dislike raw meat.  I think it is gross and rather nasty.  Back when I was pregnant with Catherine I couldn't even look at raw meat without throwing up.  I suppose I've held onto some of that repulsion.  Anyways, I got my knife and started hacking away.  It was quite messy and difficult.  I had both hands covered in raw meat juices.  The stove top and counter weren't unscathed either.  It took me forty-five minutes, and I'll be honest, I was close to tears more than once due to frustration and the yuck factor, but I finally had a rather decent looking piece of meat sitting in front of me.  Gone was the extra fatty mess and the other grossness.  I was just about to declare my victory as I was putting the meat into the crockpot and it did not fit.  That's right, my beautifully hacked up piece of meat didn't fit into the crockpot.  I took a deep breath and picked up my knife again.  Eventually I did manage to get a good portion of the meat into the crockpot and dinner didn't turn out too badly.  (The remaining bits will be cooked tomorrow.)

FOUR The above battle of wills was happening simultaneously with a battle of wills over naptime with a certain precious little girl.  As any mother/father/caregiver/etc knows, that makes things all the more "entertaining" or "difficult" or "terrible".  What little ones don't understand is that naptime is just as important for Mommy.

FIVE My goggle strap broke today during my morning lap swim.  I think that I am going to order a bungee cord one--I had one of these back in the day and I loved it.  It also lasted forever, very much unlike the two straps that I've already gone through this summer.

SIX I am excited to see that my aunt (Barbara David to most of the world), a very talented and award winner writer, has a blog!  Read her two part Go Ape: Kids Have Fun posts, they are great!  She wrote an awesome book called Cincinnati Trips with Kids which you should read if you live in, near, or plan on visiting Cincy with your kiddos!  It is a collection of her articles on various day trips she and her family took.

SEVEN I am curious, dear reader, how many tabs do you have open in your browser right now?  I have 21.  That is a lot, even for me.  I have Gmail, my blog calendar, Blogger, Facebook, Amazon, My Fitness Pal, a couple of blogs that I want to comment on, a crochet pattern, and a couple of others.

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  1. #7 At the moment: four. My email and three blogs, but that's kind of low for me.

  2. So I am totally loving the Olympics. I am especially fond of gymnastics.
    Raw meat is disgusting! Cooked meat, though, makes it all worth it! ;)
    No napping from toddlers is quite tragic and makes frustrating things much more so.
    I am ashamed to admit I have 32 tabs open right now. I blame it on the fact that my side of the family is trying to find a house to rent in FL for a wedding we all are attending but really that only accounts for about 15. The other 15? Facebook, email, amazon, blogs, shutterfly, activities in the area well you get the idea! :P

    1. Yes, cooked meat does make up for the raw aspect. :-) Florida should be tons of fun!

  3. I also have 7 to open, but, that is extremely low for my norm! I usually have way too many to count, but, i am going through them before I start supper!!

  4. Counting your blog, 41. That's WAY out of control, I know. lol Most are recipes or craft projects that I need to save to word docs and file. 3 are restaurant supply stores so I can go through their products and add many of them to my TheThingsIWant wishlist. 3 or 4 are web comics that I'm reading and another 2 or 3 are botanical books that I'm thinking about buying.

    I usually go through once a week and weed them out. Take care of the recipes and craft projects, bookmark the web comics and promise myself yet again that I'll get to the restaurant supply sites.

    Then life happens. I have my online college work that I have to do. Meals have to be made. Cleaning has to be done. The cats and rabbit need grooming. Shopping has to happen because if I don't have creamer for my coffee tomorrow morning, I will be an unhappy woman. :D

    It's getting to the point that opening Chrome takes far too long in the mornings so critical mass is in my near future. I'm going to have to just schedule a time to do it.

    Oh, and if you click on my blog link, don't mind the cobwebs and dust. I haven't posted in months. Maybe it's because I have all of these tabs open and they're distracting me... ;)

    Thanks for the great post, Rachel! Keep 'em comin'!

    1. That is a lot! :-) I totally understand gets in the way sometimes. I open Chrome before getting my breakfast just so that it has time to load! Thank you so much for reading my post! :-)

  5. Right now I have 4 tabs open...usually I have around 7. You're so right, nap times are certainly just as important for parents as it is for the kids LOL. My kids don't nap anymore though :( I wish I could find more time for the Olympics, I haven't had a chance to watch a lot unfortunately.

    1. Today my girl didn't nap again, I am really hoping that she isn't beginning to phase out her nap! I'm not ready. :-)

  6. Nap times ARE important! Still my 3 year old can't function without his nap! I'm so glad!!!!

  7. Currently I have 7 tabs open, at times I have up to 10 and two windows.

  8. I love your quick takes idea! I found you via Blogger Resources & Opps on fb. My latest post is about the Olympics, but I was definitely not an athlete. I am 100% spectator, but I love it! Love your blog!

  9. I just haven't really been into the Olympics this years for some reason. Then again, I also don't really watch much tv anymore. It feels more stressful turning it on.

    As for tabs, about 40 something, counting all my windows (and Pinterest).

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  10. I'm a huge Olympics fan. In fact, I'm neglecting too much other stuff because of it lol oh well, it's only a couple of weeks


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