Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teaching Time For Toddlers: Musical Instruments

The classic Little Tykes Xylophone.
While I love this as a toy our model does
have one major flaw: it is NOT in tune.
This does seem to be a common complaint.
Since Catherine isn't actually playing any songs
for now this is fine.
Catherine, like many--if not most--of her peers, loves music and making noise.  Her Daddy and I wish to encourage this love of music in every way we can.  We listen to a variety of music: children's, pop, classical, etc.  We dance to music.  We also have a variety of musical toys and instruments for Catherine to play.

This cube is awesome!  Each side is a button.
Each button is one piece of the orchestra.
(Well, one plays is the "orchestra".)
The child can add and subtract the different
instruments from the symphony. 
For her first birthday we gave her a toy piano and she received a set of bells.  This past Christmas she unwrapped a xylophone.  She also received a ukulele as a souvenir from Hawaii from her grandparents.  She has received many other awesome musical gifts including: a Mozart cube, rolling toys, DVDs, and so much more!  (Her family and friends are quite generous!)

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