Monday, August 20, 2012

Perky Jerky Review

Do you want an all natural, low calorie, high protein AND energizing snack?

Then you should try Perky Jerky

(Sorry, if you're vegetarian, I can't really help you today.)

This awesome jerky is the genius result of a happy accident.  You can read all about it here, but in a nutshell some guys were hanging out, something spilled, someone ate it, and it was good.

I was very excited to receive six small (1 oz) packages of this ultra premium jerky to review--three each of the beef and turkey.  My husband, being the bigger jerky lover of the two of us, was also very excited about this opportunity!

Nutritionally speaking, these are pretty great!  The Turkey Perky Jerky only has 50 calories per 1 oz package and the beef only has 90--which is great for a snack! Personally, I love that there are no preservatives or nitrates.  I'm not a heath nut by any means, but it is kind of scary all of the extra "junk" that is in the typical American diet.

We only had one extremely minor complaint (if you can call it that): one of our packages of Turkey Perky Jerky had significantly less flavor than the others.  Don't get me wrong, it was still good--just less flavorful.

(Just curious, how many times can you say Turkey Perky Jerky fast without messing up?  I made it to five.)

Jerky is just a great snack to have around.  It doesn't take up much space and it weighs so little!  It's perfect to toss in a purse or diaper bag.  Or if you don't have either of those it fits into a pocket pretty well, too!  It makes fantastic traveling food because its no mess and no fuss.

You can order your own Perky Jerky at their website.  They have a variety of size options.  You can buy a 1 oz package for $2.99 or get a 12 pack of 2.2 oz packages for $59.88.  If you really want to show your love for Perky Jerky you can buy a Perky Jerky T-Shirt or baseball cap.  Of course the ultimate fan of Perky Jerky will get the JerkMan Suit.  (Seriously, this is too funny!  You have to check it out!)

While you're at it, you should check them out on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. We just tried this recently and fell in love. I bought jerky at the store afterward and couldn't eat it. It just left a chemical taste in my mouth now that I know better.

  2. I also did a review on Perky Jerky. I love it!! I still have bags of it sitting in my pantry. Definitely an awesome snack!

  3. Awesome, will try this for sure!

  4. My family loves Jerkey!! I love that this has no preservatives!! I will definitely have to get some of this for my husband and dad! Thanks so much for the review and bringing this company to my attention :)


  5. We are a jerky family as well. My father in law has made home jerky for years but sometimes it is much easier just to grab some! thanks for sharing this looks like a good treat.

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  6. My family loves jerky!! We usually make our own due to the price but this seems so tasty & healthier!! thanks for the review!! :)

  7. My family loves beef jerky but it is high in fat/calories... We need to try this out!

  8. My husband could really use this when he works 16 hours a day!

  9. I'm not a jerky fan, but I have friends who are! I'll have to share this brand and post with them. Thanks!

  10. Good stuff thank you for sharing I love Jerkey!!

  11. I love Jerky! I've never tried Turkey though. I can't wait to try some out!

  12. I'll have to try this! I love Jerky. Great review. I only made it saying it 3 times before I messed up! lol


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