Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Today's Totally Random Post: The London Eye

Source & Photographer
Source & Photographer 
Source & Photographer

While watching Olympic coverage you are bound to see a landscape shot of the giant Ferris wheel, The London Eye.  I must admit, every time I see it I have questions about it: How big is it? How much does it cost? How long is the ride?

At 443 feet high it is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe.  Built in 1999 a whopping three and a half million people have visited it each year.  I find it fascinating, and perhaps a little terrifying, that unlike a standard carnival wheel it is supported on only ONE side.  It has 32 rooms, or capsules, that are completely sealed and air-conditioned and can hold 25 people!  From what I can tell the tickets are good for a thirty minute ride.  It looks like the least inexpensive ticket is about seventeen pounds; however, there are quite a few different ticket options--some even have Champagne!

I am a little scared of heights, but I would love to ride the Eye!  The views of London must be amazing. 

If you are interested in more Wiki has a very informative article and of course the London Eye website is a great place to check out!


  1. Truly neat information to share...I had no ideas that each booth could hold so many...thanx for informing me...they say you learn something new every day...hehe

  2. That would be so much fun and incredibly scary at the same time.

  3. I would love to visit The London Eye!! I've enjoyed watching all the sites of London during the Olympic Games!


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