Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Works In Progress

I am still working on all of the same projects as before--the silver capelet and the purple and grey afghan chevron afghan being the two most notable.

My favorite place to find new crochet patterns is Ravelry!  (That's where I found the capelet pattern!)  They have a huge database of projects that are fairly searchable.  I exclusively look for free patterns and have been amazed at how many there are available!  I also love that I have a "Favorites" page--I find it much easier (and more organized) that having a ton of bookmarks.  You do have to sign up to use it, but it's free so no biggie.  I'm not a very active member of Ravelry, but feel free to look me up if you're also a member!

I've looked on Pinterest a couple of times for patterns, but I just didn't like it very much.  It was too disorganized and haphazard.  Not that one couldn't use it as a great way to find patterns, it just didn't work for me.

Of course, I've also looked at pattern books at the library.  (I wouldn't be much of an English major if I didn't turn to the library, would I be?)  With the exception of Super Stitches Crochet, which focuses on stitch patterns rather than project patterns, the library books are a little outdated. (Super Stitches is an awesome book and I totally recommend it!)

I am curious, dear reader, where do you find patterns for your projects?  Online?  Books?  Michael's?  Blogs?  I'd love if you'd share!

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  1. Cute capelet! Isn't Ravelry an awesome way to find patterns?

  2. unless you have a totally horrible library, it's likely that you can recommend books for them to order. If you see a book you're interested it, but don't want to purchase, odds are that someone else would like it too. I know my library takes recommendations from patrons all the time-- and sometimes those who work at the library dont know any better, so they welcome people giving suggestions.
    Anyway *advice done* I love the color of your capelet!!

    1. That's a good idea! I even worked at a library for awhile and didn't think of giving them recommendations!

  3. I always find stuff on Lion Brand, Red Heart, etc. I have found stuff on Pinterest, but it's not often. Sometimes when I DO though, that particular blog has a ton of stuff, so it's like a jackpot every once in awhile.

    I really love that yarn-what brand/color is it, if you don't mind sharing?


    1. I love "jackpot" blogs! :-)

      I love this yarn, too! It's one I found on Ebay (shhh!) for a super deal.

      Here's a listing for the same kind:


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