Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes

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1. Catherine and I joined a pool on Wednesday.  (Yes, it's an indoor pool!)  It really is a very nice indoor facility.  There are slides, fountains, all kinds of splashing and spraying thing-a-ma-bobs, an adults only hot tub, and a place to swim laps.  Catherine went down one slide and didn't appreciate the giant splash at the end, so I'm not sure how long it will take her to do it again.  I'm hoping to be able to swim laps at some point--but that will mean going without Catherine.  They do have some adult lap swim times in the morning at gosh-it's-winter-and-the-sun-isn't-out-yet.  

2. Yes, I swam laps five days a week at 6:30 am just about everyday this summer, and LOVED it, but there is something about leaving the house while it's dark!

3. It is always exciting when one of my posts is featured by another blogger!  This week I was featured at Miss Information!  My "How Long Does it Take You to Unload Six Bags of Groceries?" made her laugh.

4. I got my hair cut!
Just ignore the large magnet in the background, thank you! 

5.What makes toddlers stop what they were doing (no matter how engrossed they were) the moment mommy sits down at the computer, starts dinner, or tries to pay bills?  Catherine was calmly playing with her Cookie Monster set, but the moment I sat down she hurried over here to see what I was doing and now refuses to even look at her toys.

6. My latest T.V. obsession is Warehouse 13.  I know, I know, it's very corny, etc, etc, but it's so much fun!

7. Speaking of T.V., that was the topic of this week's Teaching Time for Toddlers.  Quite a few people have weighed in, most say that they allow their toddlers to watch a little bit of T.V..  Do you have an opinion on this?

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