Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Teaching Time for Toddlers -- Geography

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I'll be the first to admit that Geography is one of my weak points.  I do not want this to be the same for my child(ren).

One of the gifts that Catherine received for Christmas is the V-Tech Spin and Learn Adventure Globe. I really like this "toy" because it is already starting to give her a basic understanding of the world.  We focus mainly on the continents and the oceans.  Not only can we play with it together, but she can play with it on her own.  There are quite a few buttons on the globe that she can push and the globe then "talks to her".

The globe works really well as a starting point for talking about different animals!  Giraffes are found in Africa.  Kangaroos are found in Australia.  Panda Bears are found in China.  You get the idea . . .

2023 Update -- Ten years and two more kids later this globe is still going strong and has been well loved by all three of my kids! I highly recommend it! Sadly, this globe is no longer available; however, here's the link to the newer V-Tech Globe.) 

I have found flashcards to be great learning tools, and I'd love to pick up these GeoCards.  

While browsing Amazon, I came across this Around the World Coloring Book by Dover.  This would be perfect in a year or two, when Catherine's coloring skills have improved a little.  For now I will stick to free printables!  Here are a couple of the coloring pages that we've used:

(And yes, Catherine is two and a half.   She does not stay in the lines, or anything close to it, but I believe that just seeing the outlines and becoming familiar with the look of the countries is important.)

Do you have any great Geography teaching tools or methods that you've used?  Or just saw and thought, "Hey, that's a good idea!"  Please share!

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