Friday, January 25, 2013

Making Earrings out of "Thrifted" Necklaces (A Tutorial)

I recently had a very successful trip to the thrift store.  While I was there I picked up a few necklaces that I didn't really like, but I thought that the beads had potential to be something awesome.

I had some fishhook earring finding on hand from a recent craft store trip, so when I got home from "thrifting" I was able to take apart the necklaces and start working.  (I love being able to work on a project while my inspiration is still fresh!)

I'm sure everyone has their own method for putting together jewelry, but here's what I do:

1. Try to find an activity that will hold Catherine's attention for a least a few minutes.  (She's two-and-a-half and very much at the "Whatcha doing, Mama?" stage.)

2. Get my materials out.  I find it very helpful to make sure that I have everything that I will need before I begin.  Once the beading box is open on the table I really can't leave it unattended.

3. Remind Catherine that she can't play with Mommy's toys right now, but maybe when she's older.

4. Lay out all of the beads and findings that I will need.  This eliminates last second scrambling, and also ensures that you do, indeed, have all of the pieces that you thought you did.

5. Respond to toddler's adamant statement of "I older now." 

6. Put earring #1 together.  This is the easy part of the whole process!  Simply take your head pin and put your beads on.  Use rounded pliers to make a loop at the top of the pin for the actual earring.  Add the earring and then tighten the loop using regular pliers.  Easy peasy.

7. Get snack for toddler.  Again.  

8. Put earring #2 together.  Same as the first.

9. Pick up container of  1,000 seed beads Catherine was using as a Montessori type work.  Hey, it kept her entertained, what can I say?

10. Sit back contentedly  because I just made a cute pair of earrings and Catherine finally got bored and is playing with her toys.

All of the earrings featured on this page featured a "thrifted" element.

If you like these earrings keep on eye on my Facebook page because I'm going to be having some "flash sales" on these!  (UPDATE: This one is over, but there will be more in the future!)

I hope you liked this tutorial on how to make earrings out of thrifted necklaces.  
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  1. Oh man, I can't tell you how much I relate to this post since I have a 2 1/2 year old myself. :) What a good idea to use thrifted necklaces to make earrings! I am in love with several of the pairs you made. There are lots of women who are obsessed with shoes and have closets full of them...Me, I'm that way about earrings! I am heading over to your Facebook page because I don't want to miss the flash sale!

  2. Ha! Love your description of trying to craft with a two year old around. And I enjoyed reading about you thrift store finds!

  3. Lovely! I have often thought of purchasing old necklaces at garage sales for the beads and findings, and hope to do that more this summer. They have gotten to be so expensive to buy new. Your projects are inspiring!

  4. I love making earrings. It's so fun. We haven't done them in a few years. maybe it's time to take another stab at it. Yours turned out so pretty! I'd love to have you share this at my What to Do Weekends Party. have a good week. Linda

  5. So lovely!!! My favourites are the turquoise.Love the photos too. Thanks so much for sharing.Would love to have you visit me sometime.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  6. Such fun earrings! Your assistant is adorable too!

    hugs x

  7. Great work! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

  8. Love the earrings. Totally enjoyed your saga of making them with your little one's help. My son, at age 3, could not stay away from the sewing machine when I was using it. I had to wait until he was asleep...very that I could sew. He wanted his hands right in there. Too dangerous.

    New follower and fan here. Would love it if you would stop by my Blog Hop every Wednesday (it's live now) and add your beautiful posts. Building my Facebook following, too. Would love a LIKE!

  9. I love all of them. I haven't made a piece of jewelry in a long time. Maybe I will get my beads out.

    Michelle F.

  10. Your creations are very beautiful! I like that you were able to find the parts at a thrift shop and do such a great job so simply.


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