Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Thrift Store Edition!

On Monday one of the local thrift store chains near us, Value Village, had a half-off sale.  My husband and I are known to have a love of "thrifting" so we packed up Catherine and had a great morning (and early afternoon because we couldn't go to just one) sifting through racks, shelves, and piles of goodies.

Here are some of the treasures we found:

1. Old Navy Skirt ($1.50)

Isn't it cute?  Just ignore the fact that it needs to be ironed.

2. Loft Jeans ($4.50)

These have a great cut with a nice dark wash.  I think these will be my new "dressy jeans".

3. Levi Signature Jeans ($3.50)

Check out What I Wore on Wednesday to see these jeans.  I think that these will become my new everyday pair!

4. Various Necklaces ($5 for all)

I purchased these for the beads to make my own jewelry. (Read about it here.)  As you can see, I've already taken a few of them apart!

Make sure to "Like" me on Facebook because I will be having flash sales on some of my earrings (and other stuff!) soon!

5. Bread Maker ($8.50)

There's a funny story about this bread maker . . .

6. The Complete Boxed Set of Kit, the American Girl  ($2.22)

Just finding this really made my day.  Seriously, you'd think I was an eight year old girl again!  I would have happily shelled out the $4.44, but it was HALF-PRICE!  I think that I am going to start reading these aloud to Catherine next week.  I might like it more than she will, but oh well.

7. My hubby got some great deals as well!  He found some very nice dress pants, a dress shirt, and an immersion blender.  We also found Catherine some super cute pajamas, a pretty "Church Coat", and an awesome pop-up book.  I feel like there were more goodies, but I can't recall them right now . . .

These pj's, which don't show any signs of wear, were $1.25. 


  1. I like thrifting too, but I find myself going more to consignment stores and scouting out sales nowadays since the lack of quality in thrift stores in my area. I love visiting thrift shops in England, though, because they actually take care about their clothes.
    One "secret" about consignment stores is that people will often give them an article of clothing to sell in exchange for commission, but if it stays for more than three months they don't have to do it anymore and mark it WAAY down.
    I've gotten my three prom dresses for $10 and under that way :D

  2. Hopping over from 7QT. Your post made me want to raid our nearest Thrift Store. That book set... I wish I got my hands on it first.

  3. Haha I'm with Anabelle - I want to go and raid my nearest thrift store. Just a little bit ago I found a cardigan from Target and a cute shirt from H&M at the Savers close to my house. I love it when I find things from stores that I love at a fraction of the price.


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