Friday, January 11, 2013

ABC Friday: A is for . . .

I wasn't exactly sure what I would focus on for the letter A, so I asked Catherine, age 2, to find letter A things for me.  

(She is getting over a cold, so she isn't at her tip-top-best-photo-opp-self; however, she's wearing a princess dress, so that makes up for it, right!?)

First she found the letter A stamp from her brand new Cookie Monster Play-Doh set.

Then she brought me this caterpillar and said, "Mamma, is this an alligator?"
I was SO proud that she knew alligator started with A that I almost went ahead and said yes.

However, before I could say anything she looked a little closer and exclaimed, "This not an alligator  this a caterpillar!"  My baby is growing up!

She found one more A thing for me, a couple of angels.  

Not to be outdone, *I* found an A item on my desk.  
I'm curious, how many people know what this is?

***UPDATE: Judi figured out what the blue square is!  A Sizzix die cut!***


  1. great post! we have that same cookie monster set! and how smart is that little princess! I give, what is that blue square?
    thanks for linking up!

  2. No clue what that blue square is, I give?
    Your adorable girl gets straight A's for her contribution. Quite the smarty pants!

  3. Is that a good old fashioned mouse pad???

    ~Mystika Faith

  4. Such a smart little one you have! Looks like she had fun with this link up challenge! Is the blue square a mouse pad?

  5. Aww. What a sweetie!

  6. it is an alphabet die for the sizzix die cutting machine thing lol

    1. YES! Judi, you got it exactly right! :-)

      From this set to be exact:

  7. my friend's mom had the sizzix machine and after she passed we were going through the craft stuff and found it spent the next hour just cutting stuff out lol

  8. Just realized I was here last week but for some reason never commented.
    Love that your daughter helped find things for you to photograph!
    I am glad I came back so now I know what the mystery item on your desk is.


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