Thursday, January 10, 2013

How Long Does It Take You To Unload Six Bags of Groceries?

This picture is from December, but those
are the front stepsof our apartment. 
Do you know how long it took me earlier today?  Almost half an hour.

Yep.  You read that right, almost thirty minutes to bring six bags of groceries into the house.  

Everything takes longer with a toddler's help.

First trip I took four bags (one was super light with only paper towels and t.p.), my purse, Catherine's purse, and Catherine dutifully carried Backpack.  Halfway up the outside concrete stairs my sweet toddler had the inevitable breakdown and decided that the steps were "too big" and needed help.  She somehow always manages the steps just fine when my hands are empty, but when they're full she needs to be carried.  We eventually managed to scale the remaining steps and then Catherine was distracted by rocks and sticks.  

Rocks and sticks are awesome, I do realize this, however, sometimes a Mommy just wants to get the groceries in the house.  

Once past the rocks and sticks, we made it up the remaining apartment stairs without incident and shocking quickly.  Catherine had deposited Backpack and was out the door before I had set down my purse.

On the way back to the car there were more distractions--rocks and sticks.  There was also the following discussion:

Catherine: "I carry eggs up."
Me: "Thank you for wanting to help!  Although, I think that it might be better for Mommy to carry the eggs.  Could you carry the tissues for me?"
Catherine: "No.  I carry the eggs.  I love eggs!" (Not sure what she meant by this since she certainly doesn't mean that she likes to eat them.)
Me: "Well, how about you carry the tissues and help put the eggs in the refrigerator?"
Catherine: "I carry the eggs!"

As I opened the car door Catherine did grab the eggs and hold them briefly; however, after only one more request she did carry the tissues and let me carry the eggs.  

We once again began the trek up the stairs, past the rocks and sticks, into the apartment.  This time I was carrying a gallon of milk, eggs, and the heaviest bag ever!  Who thought it was a good idea to put all of the canned goods and a five pound bag of sugar in the same bag?!?!  Oh, right, I packed the bags.

The tissues were only dropped four times in the entire journey.  

I now have a stocked fridge, including a dozen eggs, and a toddler asking for another bowl of raisins.  And as a bonus, I was able to convince her to leave the rocks and sticks she collected under the tree outside.

It's just another day in my life with a toddler.

But, seriously, a half an hour!?!?!

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  1. This put a smile on my face because I have been there many many many times! It always takes me 5 times longer to get something done when I have to take my 2 daughters out with me.

  2. So my oldest is only 6 so I guess I don't have that many more years of experience than you do but as my little boy enters the toddler phase I have to say I think it's one of the most exhausting phases to parent through. Your 30 minute unpacking experience illustrating why pretty well!

  3. You need one of these:

  4. This made me laugh just wanted to let you know you were featured at I Freakin Did it Friday


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