Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

This picture is from this summer.  Who can guess which building Catherine and I are in front of?  

Hint: It is in Washington, DC.

UPDATE: We're in front of the Library of Congress!  

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  1. What a beautiful photo - you girls look gorgeous ;-)
    First time visiting her through stacy's random thoughts, have a wonderful day!

  2. No idea, sorry, but it's a gorgeous photo!

  3. Great photo. Your little lady is such a cutie!

  4. I think you are in front of the Lincoln Memorial in the picture in Washington DC.

  5. I should know considering we lived by DC for 3 years, but I don't know! haha I didn't get into downtown DC a lot except to drive through it to Walter Reed for my husband's appts!

    1. Uh oh, Emilee! Isn't that crazy how you can live somewhere for so long and not really know it?


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